5 Print Collaterals To Improve Customer Experience

by devtrixz Business & Marketing

When everything has gone digital, there is something so lovely and magical about holding something tangible. It’s like discovering a hidden gem in a world dominated by virtual maps. The sheer delight of running your fingers over a beautifully designed brochure, exchanging creative or classy business cards, admiring a creatively clever roll-up banner, or eagerly unboxing carefully curated eco-friendly packages
Tangible touch goes way beyond its digital existence. It’s proof of something that exists in your hand; it’s an experiment yet to unfold. It’s an opportunity for a brand to tell its story in tangible form.
It’s when paper meets purpose—a bridge that transcends the boundaries of the digital world.
It’s a tangible marketing tool that cannot be replaced by any digital marketing strategy.
Before we dive into the implications of the world of printing collateral, let’s define what printing collateral is and why you should care.

Know the buzz.

Printing collateral is printed material used for the promotion of a company or a brand. It is the tangible material that the company uses to communicate with the audience. It varies from a wide range of items, like business cards, brochures, posters, packaging, etc.


They are the real-world emissaries of your brand, and each plays a unique role in forging connections, telling stories, and overall enhancing the customer experience. 


Print collateral is important because it works as a strong marketing tool for your brand. Unlike digital content, print material can be held, felt, and tangible, so your clients can take your printed materials with them, giving them something to remember your brand by. 


So what are the key five pieces of print collateral every business needs? 

1. Business cards

Even with the rise of digital profiles, business cards still remain prominent in the world of business. It’s a handy marketing toolkit. They are small in size but they play a huge role in networking and forging connections and bonds. They are more than just a piece of paper with your content information; they’re a portable introduction for your brand and you. 

It reflects your brand’s personality and professionalism. And with the size being small, it is one of the most essential items to carry around in your purse and to hand over at any time. 

You can give those business cards away at events, slip them into goodie bags, etc.

2. Brochures

Brochures are valuable tools for communicating in-depth details about your products, services, or missions 

With custom brochures, the options are endless. They are the staple marketing materials, making them great tools for communicating with and educating your customers. Spice them up with eye-catching visuals, effective content, and a great layout. You can give the brochures to your clients, hand them over in the streets, slip them through letter boxes, or have them in your offices and around for people to pick up. For those who receive them, they’ll likely keep these brochures around, especially for future reference.

3. Posters and roll-up banners

 It’s a world of visual stimuli, and what better way to take advantage of that trait than with posters and roll-up banners? They have the ability to captivate if done with thoughtful designs and strategic placements. Especially if infused with great wit and creativity. 

Large-format poster and banner printing cannot be ignored, which makes this ideal for events, campaigns, etc.

These posters and roll-up banners have the capacity to turn a passerby into a potential customer

4. Product Catalog

Got a variety of products and offerings? Cue the catalog—your products showcased in print. Its not just a catalog with collections of pages; its a journey through your brand’s universe—a visual feast that helps customers make the best purchasing decisions and shows off the incredible variety and quality of your products.
Make your catalogues worth the time and feast for the eyes with high-quality images, a well-designed outline, a detailed description and a sprinkle of your creativity and uniqueness. With each flip of a page, let your customers discover the magic your brand has to offer!

5. Packaging

The unboxing experience has been one of the most significant parts of e-commerce. Its is an essential part of the customer’s journey. Thoughtful and curated packaging can transform unboxing into an unforgettable experience. 

It’s not just about protecting your product; it’s about giving an experience to your customers and making them feel like they have discovered a gem. It reinforces your brand’s identity. 

Especially when it comes to eco-friendly packaging. The unboxing takes another step ahead in inclusivity. It not only provides an experience for your customers but also shows that you care about sustainability. 

Eco-friendly packaging can make your business stand out from the rest as well. Slip some thank-you notes, your business card, and branded tissue paper, and your customer is in for a great journey, leaving a lasting impression. 


Print collateral is more than just ink and prints on a piece of paper. They are the key tools for creating memorable experiences for your customers. They hold this tangible touch that the digital world cannot surpass. It provides a deep and clever marketing tool for your business. 


By investing in well-crafted print materials, you demonstrate your commitment to quality and excellence. By also using eco-friendly products, be it eco-friendly paper or eco-friendly packaging, you create a lasting impression that will raise customer standards and will surely set your business apart


These fantastic five secret weapons are your sidekicks in the world of business. They are here to make your brand unforgettable.


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