8 Collaterals To Bring Your Brand To Life

by devtrixz Branding

As a business owner, you must know the constant evolution of the business world. Though consistency is the key, staying constant with just one item isn’t enough. The market demands dynamic marketing materials that evolve according to the changing times. As a brand, you must convey your brand’s message and market it through different modes and mediums in a way that resonates with them.
You must keep switching things up to grow the excitement of your audience and keep them wanting more. This is why it is crucial to use different types of marketing collateral. It is an effective way to communicate the brand’s quality and identity with your audience.

Marketing collateral is a marketing material that creatively conveys your brand’s message. It increases the visibility of the product to your customers and makes them want to purchase it.

With many options to choose from as marketing collateral, you must learn and know your target audience in depth to speak to them in a way they find appealing and in a way that keeps in line with your brand identity.
Though the name and logo of your brand are the faces of your brand, you would need a collection of marketing collateral that will directly speak to your audience about who you are, which in turn will create lasting impressions.
In this article, we will explore some of the eight collaterals that are needed by your brand

1. Logo design

The first impression needs to be something to surely last. A brand is created when the logo is designed. It’s the face of your business and the cornerstone of your brand’s identity. A great logo infused with creativity and uniqueness is sure to stick with the audience. A logo encompasses everything that your brand stands for. Take your time and create a brand logo that showcases your brand as a whole.

2. Video

Static images and still graphics won’t always make the cut, especially in times when moving images and visual entertainment dominate. Videos are a sensory experience for visual storytelling. It can captivate the viewers for a prolonged period. It’s a powerful tool to convey your brand’s purpose and personality. Values. And offerings. It adds a dimension to your brand. A well-made video does not only serve promotional purposes; it also engages the customers and communicates your offerings. It’s a perfect combination of everything that a brand needs in a visually satisfying medium.
If you opt for this option, you must keep in mind that consistency is the key.

3. Packaging

What makes you reach out to a product when it is packaged? Plain, boring packaging or very well-curated boxing? Especially if it is sustainable packaging. Packaging is not just a protective cover; it’s your brand, ambassador. The way your brand looks into sustainable packaging shows how much your brand cares about not only the products but also every little detail that comes along with them. It communicates your brand’s identity to consumers, which is why you must invest in sustainable packaging that not only protects the product but also entices your customers with its aesthetic appeal and your consideration of the environment. By manufacturing such packaging, the unboxing itself becomes an experience, especially if it is sustainable packaging, and your brand elevates in the eyes of consumers.

4. Merch

What better way to turn your customers into brand ambassadors than by turning them into walking billboards?
From printed t-shirts to quirky custom mugs, merchandise can vary depending on what kind of firm you represent and the type of customers you get, which is why learning about your customer’s tastes and references is important.
One would never turn down merchandise, especially if it’s something useful in the daily routine of life.
Handing out marches is another way of showing your appreciation to your customers who have been with your business and supported it all the way. This ensures customer loyalty to your brand. They will feel valued and they’ll have stepped up a notch in trusting your brand.

5. Brochure

Something that remains timeless in the ever-evolving digital world is brochures. It is one of the best marketing collaterals. They can appear both offline and online. That’s one of the perks of the brochure.
Whether you want to hand out brochures the traditional way or want to go for the digital format for your brochures through different platforms, brochures have always remained the best way to convey the message that a brand wants to convey at that particular time. Be it an opening, sale, special promotion., new launch, or even an event, brochures get the job done right. With the right amount of creativity and clever use of content to make it precise, apt, visually appealing, and versatile, you can attract customers and retain them as well.
Carefully designed brochures can be the bridge between curiosity and conversation, so make every page count!

6. Website

Your website is your brand’s digital home. It’s not just a URL. It opens to visitors from around the globe.
Your website must not all be about aesthetics and how many colors you have used. Yes. These points are some of the key points, but you must know that the concept of a website expands over a greater horizon. It’s, most importantly, a place where your brand is telling its story seamlessly. This is why it is more importantly about functionality and user experience. From intuitive navigation to captivating visuals, your website is where your brand’s personality meets the world online. Your website is the virtual storefront where the customers decide if they want to stay, window shop, or make a purchase.
You must invest in a website that reflects your brand’s identity, values, and personality.

7. Business cards

Where digital communication prevails, business cards still hold humble ground. They are the pocket-sized charmers of the business world. It’s not just any piece of paper; it’s a vital card for forging relations. It is something that turns anyone into a connection.
Business cards are like carrying your brand in your pocket, ready to be exchanged anytime and anywhere. Invest in and design a business card that not only provides contact details but also represents your brand, leaving a lasting impression.

8. Social media

When it’s the era of viral trends and going online, social media holds the most vital key to the success of your brand. It is where you get to engage with your audience, get to know them, understand their preferences, and have communication with them. It’s a platform where your brand gets to be human. It’s a platform provided for you to not only share your products and services but also the personality of your brand. It allows your audience and customers to be a part of your brand’s journey. With every like, share, comment, and direct message. You’re not just marketing your brand; you’re building a community around it.

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