Switch Your Business From Plastic Shopping Bags To More Sustainable Options

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From departmental and grocery stores to shopping malls, single-use plastic shopping bags are everywhere. And from these marketplaces, they find their way into landfills, tree branches, rivers, lakes, and ocean floors. About 4 trillion single-use plastic bags are used every year globally while 11 billion plastic bags are used annually in the United Arab Emirates. This translates to an approximate number of 1,182 plastic bags per person per year.

If you’re not yet conversant with the major impact of these plastic bags on our environment, the first thing to remember is that these bags take many years to decompose. And while they remain stuck in the soil, they release toxic substances when heated by the sun. If they are burned, they also release a toxic substance into the air causing air pollution. With this toxicity in our air, soil and water come health problems such as infertility, hormone-related cancers, neurodevelopment disorders, and many more. This is why many governments including the UAE government are championing the single-use plastic policy which aims at reducing the consumption of single-use plastic bags.

As a business, you’re at the forefront of this war against decimating our environment with single plastic bags. We understand that it could be hard to switch from what we’re used to into something else especially when we’re not sure of how people will react to them. This is why we’ve taken time in this article to discuss sustainable options that will serve as an alternative to plastic shopping bags for your business.


Are you wondering whether your thought on the meaning of this is correct? Yes, you are correct. But unfortunately, we’re not talking about beer this time. BYOB in this context means Bring Your Own Bag. One of the most effective ways you can reduce or eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags as a business is to encourage your customers to bring their bags. Every time a customer comes to your shop with their bag, that’s one less of your bags and also one less bag added to their home collection. In the long run, this saves you a lot of money.

All you need to do to implement this is a simple notice on your shop window, on your website as well as your newsletter, or in emails to your customer.

Kraft Paper bags

Paper bags have proven to be a good replacement for single-use plastic bags. Whether you own a large or small business, reusable paper bags are a good alternative for packaging products for your customers. Unlike plastic bags, kraft paper bags are biodegradable hence, not harmful to the environment. Produced from natural kraft (a German word for strong) paper bags are gotten the wood pulp which mainly includes cellulose, a biodegradable organic compound.

Although the production process is less environmentally friendly compared to plastic bags, kraft paper serves as a better alternative in the long run. Its sturdy build allows your customers to use it multiple times and also has an average decomposition time off when it’s finally discarded. As a small business, you can use this opportunity to improve your brand awareness by printing customized kraft paper bags that can easily be purchased by your customers for a little token.

You can purchase your customized paper bags right here.

Jute Bags

Jute bags are perfect for packaging your products for your customers if your products are on the heavier side. Jute bags are simply gotten from jute, a natural fiber gotten from the jute plant which is grown in warm climates. Jute bags ar
e sturdy reusable and biodegradable. It is the ideal bag for wine sellers and other retailers who sell smaller products that require heavy bags. Jute bags are breathable and are considered a perfect choice for packaging food products.

You can also send a periodic reminder to your returning customers to always bring their jute bags.

Cardboard Paper Shopping bags/boxes

Cardboard paper shopping bags are also great alternatives to using plastic bags. They come in different sizes and shapes. Apart from being strong and durable, cardboard papers are recyclable and biodegradable. When you give your customers the option to use cardboard paper shopping bags or boxes, you reduce costs for them since these types of bags are reusable at different grocery stores or local markets.

Another advantage is that it allows you to brand these bags using your business name logo and design. When your customers reuse these bags in order places, they carry your brand name with you thereby helping you spread the word about your brand.

To purchase or print your customized copies of this paper bag, click here

Cotton/Canvas Bags

Cotton bags present another alternative to plastic bags. When it comes to being eco-friendly, cotton bags are strong contenders due to their biodegradable nature and multiple reusabilities. Cotton bags are produced from traditional, organic, or recycled cotton. The traditional ones are cotton from renewable crop source treated with chemicals and pesticides while the organic ones are grown without pesticides.

If your business requires stronger bags that can carry heavier products, then you should consider getting canvas bags. Canvas bags are also cotton bags but, in this case, they’ve been tightly weaved together to make them sturdier. This might cost a little more per unit, however, the higher price promises more reusable times, increased strength, and durability and also gives you the ability to print on it.

If you’re looking to have your canvas bags designed and printed on to show your brand, printsouq services will be the perfect vendor you need.

In conclusion…

Switching from single-use plastic bags to other options for your business might be difficult depending on your budget, needs, or wants. However, the options listed above are very effective and budget-friendly in the long run since, unlike plastic bags, they are all reusable. They are all accepted under various local laws and regulations. But most importantly, they avail you the opportunity to contribute your quota in helping our environment.

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