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From departmental and grocery stores to shopping malls, single-use plastic shopping bags are everywhere. And from these marketplaces, they find their way into landfills, tree branches, rivers, lakes, and ocean [...]

6 Branding Elements Your Business Needs

Whether you’re running a business or planning to start one, I’m quite sure you must have come across the word branding. Everyone wants to talk about branding, how they can [...]

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Every business needs customers to keep running and having loyal ones is inexpensive compared to getting new ones. To make sure that you do not lose these loyal customers, you [...]

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Your wedding deserves the perfect invitation. All the more reason why the customization and design should capture your very own love story However, there are a few points that you [...]

Start-up Marketing Checklist

It can be quite exciting to know that you’ve done your registrations and concluded the process of starting your new business, congratulations! However, as exciting as it may sound, it’s [...]

5 Key Design Rules For Your…

Whenever business branding is mentioned, what comes to the mind of most people especially is creating beautiful logos, taglines, business cards, and other marketing materials. Although these materials are part [...]

5 Business Card Design Rules

One would think that in today’s world where everything has gone digital, prints like business cards are not necessary. Contrary to this school of thought, with about 27 million business [...]